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Hi, we're Wideworks.

Our mission is to develop digital communications in Europe and make digital the channel of the first choice for people and businesses. We carry our mission through our projects and public activities, setting high standards of quality and transparency to other industry representatives.

Wideworks is your one stop shop form ideation to execution. Whether you are looking for some key visuals for display ads campaign to drive home your unique brand to showing off your new product across various multimedia campaigns, Wideworks is the partner for you.

Our team – experienced designers, creators, social media managers, media buyers, strategists, and project managers. We know how people use their devices and the Internet, so we offer solutions that are concisely integrated into people’s daily patterns of behaviour and differ from the actions of competitors

Our clients choose us not because someone has to do the work, but because we are inquisitive, pay attention to the little things, and are not silent when we see fuckups.

In addition to advertising campaigns, together with trusted partners, we can organize an event, create and deliver 40 thousand gifts, send SMS codes, or brand the subway.

Wideworks® — it's a story of like-minded people.

The four principles determine who we hire,
who we work with, what level of service and quality
you can expect from us as our client.

We speak openly

We express our opinion honestly and directly.
Different points of view help to find the best solution.

Good people

Good people build strong teams.
We are not indifferent to colleagues, clients and people.

Without selfishness

Success or failure is the result of a team.
We are working on a common cause together.

We love our work

We are proud of what we do.
We always do something else, try other options.


During work our clients
become our friends.

Let's do it

We have the necessary knowledge, relevant experience, a strong team, creativity and a desire to make the best digital communication in Europe.

What we can do better than others.

What we can do
better than others.


Some of our Highlights.