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Point of Invincibility

  • Client

    Office of the President of Ukraine

  • Design

    Арт-дирекшен, UX, вебдизайн

  • Production

    Розробка та підтримка сайту

Open Project


In response to Russia’s terrorist acts, including missile strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine, the government has prepared and begun deploying “Points of Invulnerability” – places with autonomous generators of electricity, heat, water, and communication.

As part of this project, we quickly developed a website with a map and list of Points of Invulnerability, so that people know where to go and get assistance.

The project is of national importance and the website was announced in all media.

The next day, Russia launched another massive missile attack on electricity objects, plunging Ukraine into a blackout for 2 days.

russia is a terrorist state.

The satellite image of Europe, taken on November 23, clearly shows that the whole of Ukraine (on the right side of the image) plunged into darkness.

On the first days, the website was visited by over 1.2 million people, and the peak load reached 26,000 visitors per minute.

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