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Activia at ATB Store

Чекове промо на стимулювання збільшення продажів та частоти споживання йогуртів Activia.

  • Client


  • Кампанія

    Ідея, організація промо, рекламна підтримка

  • Продакшн

    Дизайн та розробка вебсайту, розробка чат-бота


To increase Activia sales and increase the frequency of yogurt consumption, a check promo was invented and implemented in the ATB chain of stores.

A person made a purchase, sent a receipt to the chatbot, each participant received a month’s subscription to the Megogo service and participated in the Apple Watch draw.


The main tool of the campaign was a chatbot implemented in Viber, as the most popular messenger among the target audience.

Through the chatbot, participants registered checks, learned about the results of the draws, sent us messages and questions about the campaign.


🧾 213

check registrations per day (running rate)

📈+5 p.p.

increase in sales volumes in the off-season