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“Nasha Ryaba” brand website

Розробка сайту для бренду «Наша Ряба» з можливістю масштабування сервісів сайту в повноцінну digital бренд-платформу або Backend-as-a-Service.

  • Client

    Миронівський хлібопродукт

  • Продакшн

    Розробка сайту, інтеграція CRM, створення контенту

  • Дизайн

    Арт-дирекшен, UX / UI, вебдизайн

Open Project


We were contracted to develop a new website for the Nasha Ryaba brand, which was to become more than just a product catalog – it was to become the brand’s main digital platform: to present the product range, present use cases (recipes), combine internal resources and automatically prepare open data for publication, and be a data provider for other brand projects: a mobile application and a loyalty program.

Main page
Product catalog
Product page
Recipe catalog
Recipe page
All promotions page
Promotion page
Page of archived promotions
Brand news page
About the production
Brand quality standards
Contacts page
Contact page with store locations
Text formatting
Contact page with a list of locations
Search page
Breakfast recipes for schoolchildren