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“Apetytna” brand Instagram page

Створення яскравого контенту для «Апетитна» в Instagram, який би привертав увагу користувачів та відрізнявся від звичних рекламних матеріалів.

  • Client

    Миронівський хлібопродукт

  • Креатив

    Ідея, копірайтинг, tone of voice

  • Дизайн

    Арт-дирекшен, айдентика

  • SMM

    SMM-стратегія, контент, просування

Project approach

In July 2018, we launched Apetitna, a marinated chicken brand for picnics and home parties, on Instagram.

The main task was to build brand awareness, draw attention to posts in users’ feeds through a bright design, announce and support TV spots and seasonal events of the brand.

Brand Stories

Brand Instagram feed

The idea of the page is a “single canvas” with an emphasis on situational posts and brand memes.

The posts were targeted at a young audience of 21-35 (the product’s core target audience) with the following interests: summer festivals, outdoor activities, outdoor recreation, travel and trips, and non-vegetarians.



impressions of the page content during the campaign


reaching a unique target audience


new brand followers subscribed to the page without paid promotions

🤩 19,38%

ER x3 is higher than other pages with similar audience size