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Picnic where you are

Розробити та реалізувати сезонну кампанію бренду у всіх каналах, крім ТВ.

  • Client

    Миронівський хлібопродукт

  • Креатив

    Ідея, комунікаційна платформа, арт-дирекшн

  • Продакшн

    Кастинг, зйомка, пост-продакшн, дизайн

  • Просування

    Медійна кампанія, RTB-платформи, SMM, блогери


In October 2017, we implemented the fall campaign of Apetytna. Our task was to bring picnics from nature to home. It’s cool outside, but barbecue with friends at home – with Apetytna are real!

Creative: We moved the picnic from the street to the house, so the slogan of the campaign was “Picnic where you are”. We developed a creative idea and a campaign plan, conducted a casting call and shot a key visual.

Digital: We planned and placed an advertising campaign on the Internet. Branding of the most popular resources, catchy banner formats on websites. Website design and production.

Outdoor: We adapted the key visuals and made layouts for outdoor advertising – branding of metro stations and advertising in public transport.

Social media: We developed a content plan with ideas and tips for parties, natively integrating the product.

Influencers: The brand was holding an event – a reunion of friends. To create excitement for the party, we engaged popular bloggers by category, sending them invitations in the form of a useful tool in the kitchen – a grill pan. The bloggers and the audience were delighted.


Before After
Before After


Social media contest.

– 1386 participants in social networks
– 4 winners
– 2600 people installed the frame.
– 200,000 contacts with the audience (friends of those who installed the frame saw the branded avatars)


audience feedback on collaboration with influencers



unique people covered by advertising, which is 28% more than planned (due to display ads idea on RTB platforms)

✅ +7%

increased brand awareness from inMind research

98% TA

covered (with a plan of 70%) due to good creatives and campaign settings


website visitors during the campaign


OTS contacts with the brand’s message were generated by participants of the activation in social networks

617 UGC

from visitors to the brand’s event in their social networks using the campaign’s brand hashtags