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Promotion and management of PrivateBank’s pages on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – the largest bank in Ukraine.

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    Продакшен, зйомка

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    SMM-стратегія, контент-продакшн, просування

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Product, image, and entertainment communication targeting a young audience.

Before filming, we thoroughly studied and analyzed current TikTok trends, selected the most relevant ones for the bank, and adapted them to financial themes, developed detailed scenarios and breakdowns for each video.

  • We recruited both professional actors and bank employees for the filming;
  • The majority of the filming took place in the digital department of PrivateBank – Concept Store, located on Independence Square;
  • Given that the department was operating in its normal mode during filming, the realization of the project required meticulous and advanced planning, coordination of all participants’ actions in advance, and precise work according to a strict timing during filming.

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General corporate and product communication to the mass audience, promotion of special offers by advertising tools for narrow audiences.


Overall corporate and product-related image and information communication targeting a broad audience, incorporating communication and systematic posting of Stories, and developing AR filters.


Information communication for stakeholders: partners, investors, journalists and the government.


Corporate communications with a focus on stakeholders, information and image communication.


“Push of the Year” AR filter

Just before the New Year, we proposed and implemented a festive prediction mask from PrivateBank. Our goal was to implement the mask in the shortest time and with minimal budget, achieve high usage rates of the mask without any paid promotion, thanks to its virality.

Stepan the cat with Junior Card

In collaboration with the Internet celebrity – Stepan the cat, they advertised the map for teenagers in TikTok.



users of social networks and bank customers in Facebook are covered


users of social networks and bank customers in Instagram are covered


video views on TikTok account and more than 100 thousand new likes

🤳🏻 10,300

the video with our AR effect of predictions was posted by users on Instagram