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Vodafone Ukraine

Promotion of Vodafone brand through digital channels, development and implementation of integrated digital and SMM strategies.

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    Vodafone Ukraine

  • SMM

    SMM-стратегія, контент-продакшн, просування

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    аудит, розробка стратегії

Vodafone Ukraine

Since 2020, we have been the leading digital agency for Vodafone Ukraine.
As part of our collaboration, we:

  • develop communication strategies for digital channels;
  • create and implement product and image-based advertising campaigns and brand activations;
  • produce content for social media (including design, production and filming);
  • place Vodafone ads with bloggers and influencers.

celebrities: The HARDKISS

As part of the work on Vodafone advertising campaigns, we shot the members of The HARDKISS band for digital content: posts, banners, stories, tiktoks.


Концерт у горах?! Легко завдяки покриттю 4G Vodafone!

♬ оригинальный звук - the_hardkiss

Як вам наші образи? Ми впевнені, ви вже полюбили нашу колаборацію із Vodafone! Багато червоного та безліч музики! 😉 Вмикай https://youtu.be/8SkbzLf4MSU

♬ оригинальный звук - the_hardkiss

creative: visuals of advertising campaigns

We prepare key visuals, banners and re-sites for all products and services of the company for all display formats – from mobile phones to smartTV content.

bloggers: advertising integrations

We organize between 5 to 20 advertising integrations in the content of bloggers and popular YouTube shows for different products and campaigns from our client every month.

From developing a brief for influencers to making payments, we strategically approach cooperation with opinion leaders, evaluating the quality of the target audience, relevance to the topic, implementation of the brief by the blogger, cost per contact/conversion and view, planning publications according to the principles of media buying.