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Ukrtelecom Business

Просування B2B рішень Укртелеком в соцмережах, контент-маркетинг та залучення лідів

  • Client


  • SMM

    SMM-стратегія, просування, контент-маркетинг

  • Реклама

    Медійні кампанії, лідогенерація


The client asked us to audit the effectiveness of the pages and propose changes to the content strategy to turn social media into a sales tool.

We conducted audience research, categorized content by goals and objectives, and audited the purchased advertising. As a result, we proposed a new strategy that meets the real needs of the business audience, addressing hot topics in IT and entrepreneurship, with native integration of the client’s products and services.

By focusing on the quality of the audience rather than the quantity, we have renewed the core of the page’s subscribers by 70% in six months, attracting more than 10,000 people who are interested in servers, hosting, DDoS protection, and other IT solutions.

Lead generation

The new audience of the page was converted into customers using the canvas format and lead generation forms.

The conversion rate is 0.6% on average (which is very good for the B2B telecom category). Social media began to bring the client 7-8 contracts per month.



new followers interested in the topic of digitalization and process automation

+8 clients

sign monthly contracts coming from brans social media