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BOSCH Cordless

Рекламна кампанія в інтернеті з просування акумуляторної лінійки професійного будівельного обладнання.

  • Client


  • Кампанія

    Ідея, організація промо, рекламна підтримка

  • Продакшн

    Дизайн та розробка вебсайту

  • SMM

    блогери, соцмережі


Conducted an advertising campaign for a series of new cordless professional construction tools.

The main goal of the campaign was to build knowledge about the Cordless series, communicate the price reduction within the promotion and drive traffic to dealers.

The landing page exhaustively described the product and demonstrated the product catalog, supplemented with video reviews of construction bloggers and suggested dealers where to buy the product.

Bloggers and their stories

Display ads & promo posts

We launched promotional creatives with images of tools and accessories to them for narrow target audiences, placed special offers and banners in price aggregators. We set up traffic to the landing page, as well as outreach advertising to create knowledge about the cordless tool series.


🧰 756

sales of Cordless tools through redirecting to dealer sites

1,80% CTR

on average of campaign creatives


people covered, with a plan of 800,000

8 359

clicks from contextual advertising in search