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Bank PUMB brand social media

Просування банку та його продуктів у соціальних мережах, оновлення SMM-айдентики, проведення медійних кампаній та інтеграціï з блогерами.

  • Client

    Перший Український Міжнародний Банк

  • SMM

    SMM-стратегія, контент, модерація

  • Influence

    Блогери, лідери думок

  • Реклама

    Продуктові кампанії, лідогенерація


From 2017 to August 2021, we promoted PUMB’s services and products on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Viber and YouTube. Communication was aimed at the goals, objectives and audience of each channel.

Facebook: product communication to a wide audience, content hub in all areas of the bank’s business + support of image attributes.

Twitter: corporate communications with journalists, media. We work in the direction of PR + customer support.

LinkedIn: corporate communications with a focus on stakeholders + communication for VIP clients.

Facebook content

Twitter content

LinkedIn content

The Pumbenko family

To promote the bank’s products on Instagram, we invented a virtual family, which was placed in a real environment – cities and streets of Ukraine, problems and everyday issues that every Ukrainian understands.

Through this family, we showed the situations of using the bank’s products, the benefits and advantages in any situation – from a forgotten wallet at home (hello, phone contactless payments) to buying a car on credit. For any situation of real life we have the necessary service in the bank.



Grand Prix of the contest “Best Corporate Media of Ukraine 2020” for the Facebook page


Grand Prix of the contest “Best Corporate Media of Ukraine 2019” for the Instagram page

🥈nd place

in the category “corporate page in social networks” in 2019, 2020 and 2021

Top 3

banks in Facebook by the number of followers


PUMB has the highest indicators among all banks


impeccable quality of work on the project, according to competitors