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🦄 Joice 🤳🏻

Просування бренду молодіжного оператора зв’язку через digital-канали, розробка та реалізація комплексних digital та SMM стратегій.

  • Client

    Vodafone Ukraine

  • Стратегія

    аудит, розробка стратегії

  • SMM

    SMM-стратегія, контент, просування

  • Інфлюєнсери


Joice at Instagram

For kids and teenagers Vodafone promotes a youth communication brand – Joice.

Brand communication and guidelines are fundamentally different from the parent brand: bright, acidic colors prevail, memes and informal style of communication are actively used, more engaging and interactive content.

For Joice we have developed and are implementing a separate strategy from Vodafone, which includes:

  • seasonal presence of key brand ambassadors;
  • active cooperation with bloggers and influencers, involving them in promoting services and creating content for social networks;
  • focus on dynamic formats that attract, rather than static content in the feed;
  • interactive tools of self-expression – AR masks, games, stickers;
  • own show on YouTube – Joice Show.

Joice: meme-marketing

Joice: stories

Joice: brand ambassadors

The main characters of Joice advertising campaigns are the most popular artists among the target audience: pop band Vremya i Steklo, hip-hop singer alyona alyona and brand character Kachka.

Joice: influencers

We organize between 5 to 20 advertising integrations in the content of bloggers and popular YouTube shows for different products and campaigns from our client every month.

From developing a brief for influencers to making payments, we strategically approach cooperation with opinion leaders, evaluating the quality of the target audience, relevance to the topic, implementation of the brief by the blogger, cost per contact/conversion and view, planning publications according to the principles of media buying.

Joice: Joice Show


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cellular brand among young people


of every 1000 impressions (cpm) saved and reinvested due to the change of media strategy


👀 views of Joice Show on Youtube


people covered through Joice collaboration with influencers in 5 months