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Створення та розвиток соцмереж з метою зробити Tarkett брендом першого вибору у масового користувача, а також у професійної аудиторії

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Facebook posts

When choosing a floor for your apartment, you are primarily interested in how different coatings will look in the interior.

On Facebook, we talked about design trends in the context of our coatings in the Mood-board topics, and introduced the features of each individual product line using static and dynamic images in the Collections topics.

We have created separate sections for “Training” with useful tips on styling and caring for the flooring, as well as “Image” – publications about the company’s achievements and environmental initiatives, as Tarkett is a socially responsible brand.

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Instagram posts

The Instagram page served as a kind of catalog, offering a close look at the structure of the coatings, comparing shades within the same collection and seeing how they are combined with different furniture and decor.



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